100 degrees, 100 words

And again I try my hand at maintaining a blog!

Come one; come all to the inaugural post! There will be imaginary cake!

I can’t promise this venture into the “blogosphere” – a word I despise, by the way – will be any different than my other previous attempts. But I’m gonna give it a shot!

This blog won’t have a theme. One day I might write about cooking. The next, comedy. Who knows, wrestling might even pop up on here from time to time.

Today I witnessed something I thought only existed in depressed fictional narratives about desperate alcoholics. I watched as a young man pulled a Schlitz (beer) tall boy out of his backpack on an extremely crowded train car and down it. As soon as the beer was gone, he placed the can on the floor and made for the exit.

I get it. Now, sometimes you just have to have a beer, especially when the weather is as hot as it was today. But a Schlitz? Really? Come on, guy drinking a beer on the train during the evening commute, have some class. At least go for the Keystone Light!


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