The Big C – FAQ and Snark

Some of you may have already heard that my husband, Shawn, was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This is true. In the spirit of the oversharing culture we now live in, I’ve created a short FAQ for anyone with questions.

What the fuck is Hodgkin’s Lymphoma?
Here, let me Google that for you. Fun fact: Mario Lemieux, former NHL hockey player (most would say HOCKEY SUPERSTAR) had Hodgkin’s. I can only assume this means Shawn will become a champion hockey player once he’s recovers because SCIENCE.

How is Shawn feeling?
Fine, thanks! He’s feeling great because they finally added some wrestling move to the WWE game that he’s wanted for the last several years.

So, like, will there be treatment and shit? 
Yep. He’ll be starting chemo soon. He’s got to get some pic line/port thing put before treatment. Is this the first step toward Shawn becoming an LA-based version of ROBOCOP? One can only hope.

Will Shawn lose his hair? 
Maybe. I’m hoping he loses all his hair except his moustache so we can recreate this epic moment:

Will Shawn get superpowers? 
Hopefully! He’s hoping for boring, run of the mill shit like “flight” and “super strength” while I’m hoping for the Power of Bruce Wayne’s Money (obviously the best power).

Are you accepting “Big C” jokes?
Have you met me? Of course I am!

Will he keep working?
Of course. Podcasting waits for no man. Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop. (insert gif of Miley Cyrus flashing her grill)

What should I say or do? 
Nothing different or special. You keep doin’ you, bro.

Do you need anything?
Thank you, but no. Although, I have always wanted a pony so if you’ve got a spare one of those lying around…

In seriousness, we’re fine. Shawn’s doing well and he plans to fight this thing and get better.


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