Cancer Update

Taking a break from periodically blogging about the shit I cook to post about something else. As many of you know, my husband Shawn was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma back in November. I posted about it here.

When Shawn was first diagnosed we met with an advocate who recommended I send weekly emails to everyone we know detailing his blood counts and levels and what have you. Honestly, outside of someone who studies this sort of thing for a living, who wants to read that shit? No one. It’s not that people don’t care, they do, it’s just the language of the medical community and the use of numbers and percentages mean nothing to those of us who don’t live in that world 24/7. Knowing the levels of white cells in his blood isn’t going to really tell you anything unless you’re a medical professional. So here’s the actual shit you want to know.


  1. Shawn’s Current Status
    Shawn has had two “cycles” of chemo (4 treatments total). Per his doctor’s orders, he was recently given several tests & scans to check his progress. Well, his cancer has responded positively to treatment.
    His tumor has shrunk down significantly. But we still need to continue treatment and we are scheduled for another 2 cycles of chemo starting bright and early tomorrow morning. After that, more scanny scans to check in on his progress.
  2. How’s Shawn Feeling?
    He’s feeling ok. He doesn’t like the chemo and he doesn’t like getting stabbed with needles all the time, but other than that he’s hanging in there. He is, however, extremely excited about the upcoming WWE subscription service. When he heard the news that this thing would be available at the end of February, he said, and I quote, “I have a reason to live now!” Thanks, wrestling!

    Take that, Cancer!

    Take that, Cancer!

    Another reason for Shawn to live? He just started a Tumblr. Follow him! (Follow me if you don’t already. I promise to reblog a lot of pictures of Batman & Catwoman making out. And a few shots of Beyonce’s ass.)

  3. Anything else? 
    Nah. We’re good. Shawn is still podcastin’. Tully is still a giant lovable asshole made of fur and Leela is a very pretty lap cat.
    And…uh…here’s a video of a flat-faced cat talking to her adorable kittens. Why the fuck not?

That’s it! Update complete!


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