Review: Gilmore Girls – Season 2, Episode 20 “Help Wanted”

The episode begins and we’ve jumped ahead a few days (? I think?). Rory’s wrist is still in a cast, Broody is still gone, and Lorelai won’t tell Rory what happened between her and Luke the night of the accident. Lorelai and Rory walk to Luke’s to discover that he’s closed up and “gone fishing.” Rory thinks this is because Lorelai and Luke had a fight, Lorelai is all “nuh uh! LA LA LA! NOT LISTENING”

I’ve seen some of the pictures of the Gilmore Girls reunion from ATX floating around. There’s one where it’s a picture of an empty arm chair on the stage because it’s for Edward Herrmann. (TEARS TEARS TEARS.) Also – Floppy has a GIGANTIC forehead that I never noticed before.

The girls go to The Hungry Diner where Lorelai acts like she’s never seen a regular sized coffee cup. Has she never been to an IHOP? She’s also the worst fucking customer – she’s bitching about how long it takes them to get a table, she wants to make the waitress be less perky, and then she finds Michele and eats his food. Isn’t she his boss? In what world is it ok for your manager to chase you out of a restaurant when you’re off the clock? (Gilmore world, right, I forgot.)

After Lorelai is done terrorizing Michele, Rory begs her to act like a respectful human being get her out of dinner with her grandparents. Floppy is coming home and Rory needs to explain to him that she loves someone else was in an accident.

At dinner, Lorelai tells Judgy WASP Mom that Rory is sick instead of telling her about her wrist smashy smashy. Spacey Grandpa is working on his consulting business and he’s very upset because his executive assistant isn’t coming over to his consulting firm. Because he didn’t offer her her current salary (or benefits, probably). When she says no, Spacey Grandpa has a classic “how dare these poor people not scramble for the scraps I offer?” moment and Judgy WASP Mom joins in. How can they possibly go forward without proper staffing (working for peanuts)? How indeed??

Lorelai rightly points out that poor people need money and he can probably hire someone else at whatever shitty pay rate he offered his previous assistant. In fact, Lorelai will even help him get settled so he won’t have to dirty his own hands unpacking his own boxes. He won’t end up like this:

Meanwhile, Rory meets Floppy when he arrives home. She hands him a letter and he does a lot of ANGER ACTING and SERIOUS EMOTING. He’s mad, but since Broody is gone, he invites Rory in for some roast. Rory doesn’t understand why he’s not angrier but it’s because she doesn’t understand that this season’s Floppy has been written as a big dope no smarter than a table leg.

Lorelai and Spacey Grandpa shop for office supplies, Rory apologizes to Taylor for (Broody) hitting the bench with his advertisement on it, and Lane is excited because a music store is finally opening in Stars Hollow. None of this is exciting or interesting.

Later, Lorelai sets up Spacey Grandpa’s office. Judgy WASP Mom calls and tells Lorelai that she and Rory will be at the cocktail launch party for the new business.

Rory gets sidelined by Babette who tells her about the time she was in a cult because of a carpet made of chest hair.

This was the cult leader.

Lane excitedly calls Rory to tell her that she, Lane Kim, is going to become a drummer. Get it, girl. I was at a food truck event the other day and there was a band consisting of two young women playing for the crowd. One was on guitar and the other was on drums. Lane would have been proud. (I was proud!)

Back at Spacey Grandpa’s office, Spacey Grandpa doesn’t want to hire anyone to work for him because he’s enjoying working with Lorelai. He actually says “young women are flighty” and “a man’s assistant sets the tone of the whole office.”

Sexist bullshit, table for one!

Lorelai is all, “hey dad, remember how I have my own job that actually pays me money where I can ask people to bring me lunch? I need to go do that.” Spacey Grandpa gets all butt hurt and pretty much kicks Lorelai out of the office. Later at the cocktail party Lorelai tries to talk business with her father and since he’s just “bagged a Swede” he’s in a good mood. Judgy WASP Mom isn’t happy, though. She sees that Rory has a cast on her arm and freaks. (Has Rory never broken anything before?)

Rory loses it and says that she was just as responsible as Broody for the accident. I mean, ultimately it was Broody’s fault but he didn’t intend to crash her car. That’s why it’s called an accident. It was a mistake, Rory got hurt, but just because Broody has been a shitface for the entire time he’s been on the show it doesn’t mean he set out to hurt her. And, yes, it’s dumb that everyone in town is treating Rory like she’s some sort of perfect angel who just got sucked into doing things she’d never do by some cute boy with an affinity for hair gel (which they’re only doing because it makes it easier to write off a teenage boy as a “lost cause”.) Rory isn’t perfect. She makes mistakes. She fucks up. And if she had a mother like mine she’d be grounded for giving Broody her car keys.

She and Lorelai yell at each other for awhile and Rory decides she needs to be alone. When she gets back to Stars Hollow, she runs into Luke. He invites her in for coffee and she tells him that the accident wasn’t Broody’s fault. Luke, the only reasonable adult on this show, tells her that he knows it wasn’t. It was an accident.


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