Review: Gotham – Season 2, Episode 11 “Worse Than a Crime”

Last Gotham review of the year. I’m keeping this one short because, I mean…GOTHAM. Do I have to say anything else?


Instead of doing a rundown of the episode, I’m going to list the crazy shit that happened and why I think it was fucking crazy. In no particular order:

  1. Galavan & his Kid Fetish
    Galavan decides to tell Silver (WHO IS WEARING PAJAMAS AGAIN) that in order to prove herself to him she needs to make Bruce fall in love with her. And then he wants to see them kiss. So on top of him being capital E Evil, he’s a fucking creepy perv. (Whatever writer thought this was a good plot point – Buddy. Honey. Nope.)Also – why would Bruce fall in love with a girl who he knows was playing him just so her uncle could work his evil plan (which includes his kidnapping and, soon, HIS DEATH)? How fucking dumb does Galavan think teenage boys are? “GIRL IN PRETTY DRESS! SHE MEAN AND GET ME KIDNAPPED SO I DIE. I LOVE! PRETTY HAIR! KISS KISS!” This is on top of the ridiculous idea that anyone can “fall in love” with someone while they are waiting 5 hours to be executed.Finally, how short on story were the writers that they felt it necessary to spend so. much. time. with Bruce and Silver talking to each other? They literally put in several lines about Silver believing the dolphin she swam with that one time could read her mind. This was done over explaining anything about how or why Galavan and his family spent their lives in exile, as if the Waynes, an American family living in an American city, had the power to kick a family out of that city like they’re feudal rulers. Or why all the monks in the Order of St. Dumas are so invested in this ritual when this is all about Galavan. Per the A.V. Club:

    We’ve been told for weeks about Galavan’s blood feud with the Waynes, but there’s never been any real dive into that backstory. Some guys in hoods just showed up one day and Galavan ordered Bruce Wayne to be killed. If the Order of St. Dumas is going to be the main threat of your fall finale, and central to a centuries old blood feud that’s apparently influencing current tension, then you might want to spend a bit of time digging into what the Order of St. Dumas is, what they do, and why their appearance means bad things for Bruce. Secondly, by focusing near exclusively on Bruce, including a number of repetitive scenes where Silver tries to convince him she’s not such a bad person,Gotham robs the showdown between Gordon and Galavan of any dramatic build or tension.

  2. Gordon “Crossed the Line” (For the millionth time)
    Jim Gordon is the last honest man in a corrupt city. At least, we’ve been TOLD he’s the last honest man while he continually crosses every line, so much so that it’s nearly impossible to tell who he’s actually fighting against. The Penguin and the crime syndicate controlling Gotham? Only when he doesn’t need them to literally fight city hall. City hall? Only when he doesn’t need their help to flush out some underworld creep. It’s hard to believe that Jim Gordon gives any fucks about where the lines are or what happens if he crosses them.giphy1When he takes Galavan out to the river, allows Penguin to beat him with a bat, and then shoots an unarmed, bound man in the head, we’re supposed to be shocked. JIM GORDAN HAS FINALLY CROSSED THE LINE! HIS DARKNESS HAS ESCAPED! Except. Except NO ONE IS FUCKING SURPRISED THAT THIS HAPPENED. Of course he shot him.Gordon kicked off the first episode of the season killing a man trying to get Penguin’s money. He closed it by killing a man who killed Penguin’s mother. Where, exactly, is the shock of him crossing the line supposed to come from?

    We all knew  Jim’s intention was to “get” Galavan. It’s personal, and it’s obvious that it’s personal. He won’t leave with his pregnant girlfriend (who, let’s be honest, shouldn’t have had to do anything but go wait at her apartment because it’s not like the fucking city was on fire or anything) because he thirsts for REVENGE. We can’t pretend the murder is anything other than Gordon carrying out a personal vendetta against Galavan. Remember how Galavan was going to build those towers in the middle of the city and displace thousands of people? Funny – none of the characters who are thirsty for Galavan’s blood had any idea about his plan to build all those towers. Penguin was the only character who knew and I’m sure he overlooked it/forgot it because his mother’s death became his reason to hate Galavan. Gordon doesn’t kill Galavan to protect vulnerable people from someone who will run them from their homes. He can’t use this as a justification BECAUSE HE DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT IT. Gordon kills Galavan because he felt personally slighted by the man.

    Take it away, Rob Bricken, Patron Saint of Gotham Reviewers:

    Yes, Jim Gordon has murdered Theo Galavan in cold blood, making him someone Batman absolutely would capture and leave for actual cops, were Batman not currently a child. This isn’t Gordon straddling the line, this is Gordon being an out-and-out bad guy, someone who is not only taking the law into his own hands, but also deciding who lives and who dies. And in case you’re thinking “Well, Gordon is obviously going doing a dark path, and he’s going to be tormented by his decision until he redeems himself,” nope! He immediately finds his gal pal Lee and proposes to her, because, as we found out earlier, she’s pregnant. Jim Gordon has murdered the bad guys, and now he gets his happy ending! He’s basically become a less clever version of Dexter.

    This “happy ending” makes no damn sense. The last three people to see Galavan alive were Penguin, Jim, and the police chief (a.k.a. Ben Grimm). Ben Grimm, who busted into the penthouse to find his officer holding a gun on an unarmed man. Ben Grimm, who instructed that officer to lower his weapon and get down on the ground because this needed to be done cleanly after what happened in the courtroom. Ben Grimm, who was knocked unconscious and, when he came to, found his officer and Galavan missing. Ben Grimm, who presumably knows that Galavan’s body was found with a police-issued 9mm bullet between his eyes. But Jim doesn’t end up in jail or even in a questioning room. He’s asking his girlfriend to marry him by a pretty fountain.

    This is what’s so damn frustrating about this show. I don’t care that it doesn’t adhere to what we think we know about Batverse characters – this is a new Gotham and it’s telling another story. FINE. I care that the story you are telling me does not make any logical sense. I care that the character development you think you’re giving me isn’t actually development at all.

  3. Alfred 
    Alfred got stabbed in the last episode. He also got speared in the back. He then FELL INTO A FILTHY ASS GARBAGE TRUCK, RAN AROUND A JUNKYARD, ALMOST SUFFOCATED IN A FREEZER (seriously, never climb inside those because you can die), AND THEN GOT TASED IN THE FACE WHILE TRYING TO PLAY REAL LIFE GTA. TASED! IN THE FACE! And he’s fucking fine!!
  4. Harvey
    There is never enough Harvey, even though he agreed to give Alfred, a civilian, a bunch of police guns. Police stations are like libraries for guns! Why go through all the trouble of buying a gun when you can simply ask your friendly local detective for a few 45s?Harvey and those stairs, though? LOL. Never change, Harv. Never. Change.
  5. Selina
    The Riddler was obsessed with telling everyone where Gordon was (Grundy 805, lol), but that still doesn’t explain why she knew where to find him. And, per this genius commenter on i09, your Going to Kill Galavan task force should be “0% child.”
    When they were all suited up the whole lot of them are shown walking down the street, Galavan’s tower in the distance. Was Harvey’s old car out of gas? Riddler’s car too bloodstained? Did they really walk 30 blocks armed to the teeth while thinking of murder?
  7. Jumpy Monk
  8. Bruce
    There’s this part in a Catholic mass where the priest (or someone) sings “Let us proclaim the mystery of faith.” It sounds very cool and I wish I could find a clip to illustrate it. Whenever I saw Bruce in his robe that’s all I could hear in my head.I will give credit to the writers for having Bruce kiss Silver to save her. This is a very Batman thing to do. Not the kissing, but helping someone even after they totally fucked you over because it’s the right thing to do? That’s Batman.Batman is not a nice person. In fact, he can be a huge dick when he wants to be. But he’s a good, empathetic person who genuinely wants to help others. I mean:

    Another thing – Bruce’s “I had a perfectly feasible escape plan” was hilarious and pitch perfect for his character.

That’s it! Let’s put season 2, pt 1 to bed! Next up – A Mr. Freeze who looks like Firefly stole Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka glasses.


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