Review: Gotham – Season 2, Episode 12 “Mr. Freeze”

Guess what’s back! That’s right, after an extended hiatus this ball of insanity disguised as a television show has returned. Are you excited?


Me either.

What really sucks is after all the waiting and all the struggling to remember the stupid plot from the first half of the season, this episode was….fine. It was a perfectly acceptable hour of television. There weren’t any huge surprises, anyone who has ever watched TV could tell you what would happen with the characters, and no one spooned their own eyeball out for funsies. I suppose by Gotham standards this was probably one of the best episodes they’ve ever put out. For me, I started to miss the WTFery that I’ve grown to love to hate.

King Gordon
Remember how Jim straight up killed a motherfucker in cold blood during the last episode? Remember how the Penguin watched him do it and was like, “YAY! MURDERY DEATH!!”? Yeah, he gets away with that. Granted, Ben Grimm and Harvey Dent (aka One Face, currently) see that he’s a lying liar who lies, but who cares? It’s Gotham! There are no consequences for anyone in this town.

When he’s cleared, he tells Pregnant Leslie that the charges are “lifted” as if that’s something people say instead of “charges have been dropped.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Freeze Victor Fries is freezing people all over the city. If you know anything about the Batman mythos, you know Victor Fries is trying to put his wife into cryo sleep until a cure can be found for her horrible disease. If you haven’t watched the Batman: The Animated Series episode “Heart of Ice”, I suggest you do it right now. The highlights are in the video below, but the whole episode is worth a watch:

In the Gotham version, Fries is testing his freezing gun out on hapless people because, while he can freeze subjects, he can’t actually unfreeze them without turning them into runny puddles of goo.

Fries kills a cop (first dead cop of the episode!) and Gordon and the perfect shining beacon of amazingness that is Harvey Bullock catch the case. The talk to Nygma, pretends he never had to sit through his cool high school science teacher giving a demonstration of what liquid nitrogen does to roses. But it’s not liquid nitrogen! It’s LIQUID HELIUM! Oh, shit, it’s like fucking Jupiter up in this bitch!  Oh, and only Wayne Enterprises makes it because they are the literal definition of an evil corporation.

Nora Fries has a coughing fit that nearly kills her. She’s out of the pills that save her life (remember that because I guarantee this will be a huge plot point in the next episode.) Fries has a weird campy exchange with an asshole pharmacist over her drugs, he loses his temper and freezes him AND THEN MAKES THE GOOD CITIZENS OF GOTHAM PUT HIM IN THE BACK OF HIS CAR. He also puts the frozen security guard (second dead person with a badge in this episode!) into the street and Jim hits him with his police car. There’s the batshit crazy Gotham I know and love!

While this is all going on, Nora finally wanders into her husband’s basement lab (I called this happening the minute I learned his lab was in the basement. Remember, TV teaches us how to watch it, and it teaches us what beats go where and how a typical by-the-numbers story unfolds. I’m guessing most everyone called this.) She’s all:


Jim and Harvey show up and take her to the precinct. Fries goes to the precinct with her pills to turn himself in, but 4 other dudes are there to “confess” as well. Suddenly, the dick pharmacist thaws out, gets up off the table in the morgue, and wanders into the bullpen. The cops react with poise and grace when confronted with this poor, confused man. The cops beat the fuck out of him and handcuff him, but Fries is all “YES! I DID IT! USA! USA! USA!” He runs back to his lab, taking Nora’s Plot Point pills with him. (My guess for next episode? Nora dies because she didn’t have her pills, Fries blames Gordon for this because, “if she wasn’t in custody, I could have saved her!” Fries goes nuts and starts freezing everything in an effort to get REVENGE!!!)

The Penguin has been riding the rails as a hobo for exactly 27 days. This has given him enough time to not blend in and not think of leaving the city. He’s gonna eat his can of beans over a barrel fire in Gotham and nowhere else, god damn it!

It takes Ben Grimm and what I assume is another squad of Red Shirt cops about 17 seconds to find Penguin and haul is bindle-carrying ass into jail. He’s immediately questioned about Jim’s involvement in the murder of Galavan. He doesn’t give Jim up, which means that can only come to bite Jim in the ass later (unless there’s a reason for it that I could only glean from watching that 5-part motion comic thing they released while the X-Files was on. I’m not watching it, so.)

Penguin gets himself thrown in Arkham for some unknown reason. He tries to throw his weight around with the other inmates but they just make fun of him for being a fucking idiot. Then he meets Dr. Hugo Strange, played by B.D. Wong. This is exquisite casting.  Strange seems to have some sort of hypnotic power here, which he uses to talk a guy into gouging out his own eyes. If only he’d used a spoon!

Penguin is shoved back into his cell while Strange learns about the man the papers are calling Mr. Freeze.

Additional Things
Butch and his sweet hand drill are drilling people in the face and running Gotham’s underworld.
Boner-Inducing Plot Device shows up and is all “hey, now that I can’t fuck my brother, perhaps we can make with the fucking?” and Butch is all, “I SMART?” Selina, who is a creep, watches all this go down from a vent or some shit. Apparently all her spare time is devoted to finding the best hiding places in Gotham so she doesn’t miss any weirdo fucking.

And that’s it for this episode of Gotham! Hopefully we’ll get more batshit next episode.


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