Review: Gilmore Girls – Season 7, Episode 22 “Bon Voyage”

Welcome to the very last review of the original run of the Gilmore Girls! I can’t believe I did it.


I’m avoiding address this FINAL REVIEW thing and how I feel about it until the end. Let’s do the review thing so I don’t get all sappy and (more) boring (than normal).

Lorelai makes Rory get out of bed to come to the inn because Christiane Amanpour is sitting in the lobby reading a book. Rory doesn’t believe her but she’s there! She’s sitting! I’m glad they were able to get her to do this cameo because Rory has been talking about her since the beginning. Because Rory is a character on a television show Amanpour gives her her card and offers to look at her work.

Rory and Lorelai are planning a trip around the country to ride all the rollercoasters. Lorelai takes this opportunity to tell Rory that she has to reenact her entire graduation ceremony because she lives in a town full of insane, bored people. She tells her that she has to wear her cap & gown again. If I remember correctly our gowns were loaned to us and we had to return them before leaving the ceremony. I bet Yale kids get to keep theirs.

Rory is late to Friday Night Dinner because she’s having a drink with a contact. When she arrives she tells everyone that she’s got a job! She’s working for that guy she met at Smarmy’s party as a political reporter following the Obama campaign. Honestly, this is probably better for her than her living in her grandparents’ apartment and taking cabs to work every day. Sleep in crappy hotel rooms and make no money! DO IT!

The people of Stars Hollow could not give two shits about Rory’s job. They’re pissed that there won’t be a reenactment party and they do their best Children of the Corn impression to illustrate their displeasure:

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 4.17.17 PM

Since everyone is devastated by the news that they will not be able to attend a weird Stars Hollow party, Luke decides that he wants to do something nice for Rory (and, by default, the town.) He enlists Sookie’s help in throwing Rory a surprise going away party. Sookie thinks this means he LURVES Lorelai. He does, but, come on. It’s for Rory. It’s not “I’m doing something nice for this kid so her mom will fuck me” nice. Is it? Oh God. What if that’s it? What if that’s why Luke wants to do a Nice Thing?

I doubt it, though. He’s always cared about Rory.

The town holds an impromptu meeting and Taylor picks now to stop being an unrecognizable pod person and start being the stickler for the rules that we all know and love. But since this party involves Rory, Princess of Stars Hollow, the townspeople tell him to shove all his rules and regulations and do whatever they want in the name of Gilmore.

They start getting ready for the party while Lorelai and Rory spend the majority of their time being sad about Rory leaving. Luke sews a bunch of tarps and ponchos together in the diner so he can try and salvage the party. There’s no way he’d have it done by the next morning if he was working by himself, and the rest of the townsfolk have decided to disappear when he could use a few extra hands.

The next day Rory and Lorelai drive up on a huge tent where everyone is waiting for them with signs.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 4.48.04 PM

I like this picture because it looks like Zach is really concentrating as he runs through the obviously manufactured rain. You can see the California sunshine in the background!

Once the girls get to the tent we spend a good two minutes panning over all the characters that we’re never going to see again (at least until the revival.) I was sitting here wondering if the last scene we’d ever get of Edward Herrmann was the one from Friday Night Dinner at the beginning of the episode and then this popped up:

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 4.53.03 PM

No lie, I legit teared up. It’s going to be terrible to watch the revival episodes without him in them.

Spacey Grandpa tells Lorelai that this party isn’t just for Rory. It’s a testament to everything Lorelai has built-in Stars Hollow. (Well, yeah. She became queen of a town in a country without a monarchy. That’s quite the feat.) He gets choked up when he tells her that she’s a remarkable person.




Too many tears.

Taylor gives a gross speech about birthing Rory into the world that everyone would be better off forgetting going forward. That night, Judgy WASP Mom wants to loan Lorelai money for the inn but it becomes obvious that she only wants to see her and she’s worried that she never will now that Rory is leaving. So Lorelai tells her they’ll talk about it at dinner on Friday night. Spacey Grandpa doesn’t say anything, making his words to Lorelai the last that Richard Gilmore ever speak.


Rory walks them to their car and Sookie takes the opportunity to tell Lorelai that Luke planned the entire thing. Lorelai goes to track down Luke to thank him and he says that he just wanted to see her happy. But he says it with this expression so it kind of sounds like “I wanted to see you happy before I wear your skin as a suit”:

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 5.13.18 PM

Then they kiss.

The next morning Rory and Lorelai have Luke open the diner early so they can have coffee and eat pancakes. All the while he’s thinking “SKIN. SKIN. SKIN.”

The show ends with the same shot as the pilot – the girls in the diner as the camera pans out.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 5.21.49 PM

That’s it. The end.

I think what I can say about this show overall is it’s a quiet, quirky little show that had a surprising amount of heart. It’s completely different from what I originally thought it was back when it aired (the promos didn’t do it many favors.) Am I a fan of the show? I guess. I’m still not in love with it. I like it but I don’t think I could call myself a “Gilly,” the term coined by the Gilmore Guys to refer to the dedicated Gilmore fan base.

I’d like to answer the question that the Gilmore Guys have posed to fans about the revival: What do you think the final four words of the series will be? I think they’ll be, “Because we’re Gilmore girls.” I know it sounds strange. But I think they’ll come after Rory and Lorelai and maybe even Judgy WASP Mom have had a conversation about the future – how will they know they’re going to be ok? How do they know if everything will work out for them? Rory or Judgy WASP Mom will say, “How do you know?” and Lorelai will shrug and smile and say, “Because we’re Gilmore girls.”

I want to close out this review by thanking each and every person who has ever read one of my reviews. Whether you’ve read every single one or just happened across a random one before saying “WTF is happening here?” and clicking away, THANK YOU. This has been one hell of a journey and knowing that other people are out there enjoying (or not!) these reviews has meant a lot to me. Special thanks to those who have messaged me or commented on the reviews themselves.




See you for the revival!



28 thoughts on “Review: Gilmore Girls – Season 7, Episode 22 “Bon Voyage”

    Reading all of your reviews has been a truly enjoyable experience. Obviously I don’t agree with all of your views (maybe because I am a die hard “Gilly”?) but I respect them and admire your style of writing. You really made me LOL (literally, not the overuse of the term) on many occasions and that’s just what I needed. We also got to learn a little about your life, making you not just a random blogger, but a real person. So no matter how many times you call yourself fat and say that you like cats more than people, I think you’re an amazing individual.
    Looking forward to the revival reviews!

  2. I’ve read most of your girlmore girls reviews and I enjoyed your perspective of the show! Sometimes I felt you were a little harsh, and I didn’t always agree with your opinions, but I could always see where you were coming from. This show has a lot of flaws no doubt, but I love it anyway for all it’s quirkiness and wacky loveable characters. I’m glad you said in the end you did actually like the series after all! I’m glad you made it through to the end, reviewing every single episode is quite a feat so well done! 🙂
    I’m looking forward to hearing your views on the revival later this year (by the way, I think my favorite part of your reviews were the hilarious nicknames you gave all the characters – they were all spot on!)

  3. I just finished watching the whole series myself. I agree with your overall impression of the show: it was okay without being brilliant. I really enjoyed your reviews. I’ll check back after revival!

  4. Just wanted to chime in with the rest of the readers and say that your reviews made watching GG that much more enjoyable! I agreed with most of your observations and they truly made me laugh out loud (esp the nicknames), even when the episode itself was quite boring. Thanks for putting all this work in and can’t wait to visit this delightful blog with the scrolling fishy background again when the revival hits!! 🙂

  5. I to enjoyed your take and agree the 7th season finished better then it started. Loved your nicknames and writing style. Keep on writing and I’m looking forward to the next 4 episodes!

  6. I was watching the series finale today and found myself wondering why they didn’t just move the party to the school gymnasium when rain was forecast. We know everyone would have fit in there because they did during the dance-a-thon in season whatever. (Also, even IF Luke could have sewn all those tarps together by hand in one night, the way they were mounted on posts, they would have filled up with rain and dumped water all over everyone.) Stupid season seven is stupid. (end rant)

  7. Thank you so much for these reviews. I haven’t laughed this hard in ages. I love that you pointed out the lack of communication between all of the characters. I wanted to yell at her when she was in the doomed “relationship” with Jess. When he came to Yale to ask her to run away with him why did she just stand there screaming “no” at him over and over again and then let him storm out. Heart ripped to shreds after he did the very un-Jess thing and was honest for once with her about his feelings towards her. Argh! I thought Jess was a dick too and I think the writers just didn’t do their relationship any justice. I wanted so much more from them as a couple. But I think she could’ve understood him a bit better. He had a fucked up childhood. He is defensive. He puts up barriers. He has trust issues. Yada yada. But I agree with you. Just run away with him for a few months, have wild, unbridled Jess sex. Live in NEW YORK CITY for fucks sake. And then go running back to Yale after he undoubtedly screws everything up. But he was never in his comfort zone in Stars Hollow and I think NYC Jess would be way more relaxed and fun. But Rory in that scene…all the hate in the world.

    Btw, I am only up to season 5 but I just binge read all your reviews. Which feels a bit like cheating but I couldn’t help myself. I’m looking forward to the reboot and your reviews. Thanks for taking the time to put so brilliantly into words what I was thinking every damn episode. B

  8. I finished the show today. While watching it for the past few weeks, I read all of your reviews and thoroughly enjoyed them. Agreed with you every time.
    I hated so many things that Lorelai and Rory did on the show over the years. But the final few episodes showed how much heart the show has. Hated watching the show many times but I’m going to miss it so much. Does that make sense?
    I can’t wait for the revival. I’ll miss Richard for sure. He’s probably my favorite character.
    Hope you’ll review the revival too.

  9. Jen, I’ve been doing my own Gilmore Girls rematch and started searching for episode reviews. Your reviews quickly distinguished themselves with your sense of humor and became my favorites. I started looking specifically for yourrs as they crack me up. I love your names for the characters, particularly Broody. Oh BTW, I was initially team Logan and was surprised that you didn’t like Smarmy. On rewatch, I find that you’re right, Rory can do better than those three.

  10. hi Jen. I read your reviews earlier this year and was frantically looking for your blog today after watching the new episodes today…can’t wait for your take!

  11. Hi Jen
    Stumbled across your blog and read all your reviews of GG. Loved your take on it, the snark and heart. It made watching this show much more fun!

  12. Thanks for these recaps! I came to the GG party very late (started the first season around Thanksgiving 2016 and just finished the last ep of season 7 last night) and needed some sassy recaps/reviews! Yours are perfect because they have (obviously) been written fairly recently… looking forward to reading your take on “A Year In The Life!”

  13. Thank you Jen for your deliciously snarky and insightful reviews – I just finished bingewatching all 7 seasons and I couldn’t have gotten through it without you. It felt like I had a wise sister to debrief with me after every episode, and the whole time, I would be nodding furiously and saying, “YES!!!” Thank you for sharing my appreciation for Paris (a woman’s place is in the house … and senate!) and the wonderful Ed Herrmann, and for making me feel less bad for hating on Lorelai and Rory at times (ok fine… and Luke, Smarmy, and Jackson “I’m going to lie to my wife about getting a vasectomy”…and don’t even get me started on Floppy). You’re awesome, and I wish you all the best!!

  14. Hi Jen!
    I’m a year late to this, but i just wanted to say a huge thank you for these reviews. Your witty, sarcastic, and unbelievably detailed (back-to-front posters!) recaps are brilliant.
    I’d only ever caught a few eps and the revival with my little sister before, so thought maternity leave (I’m in the UK so I’ve had a few months of TV-watching between nappy changes!) was a good time to commit to a full watch-through. I felt quite sad about finally finishing Season 7 yesterday as it really does feel like the end of an era. While that last episode was lovely, generally Season 7 was baffling and strange. I’m looking forward to re-watching the revival knowing what I know now (like that Smarmy is truly awful; the sadness for Lane not getting to escape and follow her music dreams; and just how truly awful Jackson is – I mean, seriously. I know Melissa McCarthy was pregnant at the time, but could they not have treated that faux vasectomy story with a little bit more outrage? Ughfghfjhjdhf).
    Your blog has proven inspirational and I’m going to finally sort out my own at some point in 2018 in-between the nursery run and work 🙂
    Keep writing; you’re awesome! x

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