Programming Notes: The O.C.

My last review was a disaster. Most of what I wrote only made sense to me and was a frustrating exercise in producing content for content’s sake. That’s not a game I want to play. I don’t want to write things that aren’t adding value. Messy reviews of TV shows I have little to no interest in aren’t adding value to anyone or anything.


It’s also frustrating to feel that I have to crank out these reviews because I promised myself I would. I would rather be working the novel I’m writing. Since I don’t have all the money, my writing time is limited, making it more frustrating to have cut my novel writing time in half so I’ve got time for this. If I liked reviewing the O.C. in the same way I liked the Gilmore Girls, I would feel differently. And to be completely honest, I really don’t like The O.C. Sorry, Young Jim Gordon.

As of now I’m discontinuing my O.C. reviews. I’m going to look for another show that may be a better fit for my tastes and style of reviewing so writing these kinds of things feels less like a sacrifice and more like a fun exercise in working different writing muscles. I have no advertisers, no real following, and no one is paying me. Why not make this enjoyable?


12 thoughts on “Programming Notes: The O.C.

  1. Try gossip girl! It was also created by the Josh guy who made OC, and there are definitely a few similarities, but it’s way better in my opinion.

  2. If you’re into reviewing shows regularly (one week at a time), This is Us started its pilot last week and I thought it was really good. If that’s not the case but you still want to review something “heart-warming”, you can always watch and review Parenthood. Every single character on that show is a hot mess, but they try to make the right call. Unless Lauren Graham bugs you and you need a break.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, I really enjoyed your OC reviews. We don’t really have similar tastes, but some shows that I’ve watched that have witty characters/ lots of drama that I enjoyed: Justified (all six seasons are on Amazon Prime. If Jim Gordon were still a lose cannon, but a lot wittier and actually smart enough to make connect clues and get the bad guys), Sons of Anarchy (all 7 seasons on Netflix. Best described as Hamlet on a motorcycle), Supernatural (It has Floppy from Gilmore Girls, but now his name is Sam and his brother is Dean. And they’re bad as hunters. Lots of drama though for a show that doesn’t have very many female characters), One Tree Hill (Not for Spiky Hair Rapist though. I live for Naley!). I would also love to see you handle any of the DC-CW universe (Smallville is now on Hulu, Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow are all on Netflix). If you can’t tell, I’m not much for the pure drama, but I like hot male leads who can be action heroes/ drama leads. Feel free to ignore all my suggestions, but keep up the great writing!

  4. Thought of another show you might like: Grimm (Police officer who has super powers and the characters in the brothers Grimms story exists and he’s their version of the police but he also has to police the human world. All 5 seasons are on Amazon Prime Video).

    • As a lover of DC comics (why? Unknown.) I’ve often toyed with writing about Smallville. But then I remember that it was on for 10 seasons. Gilmore Girls was only 7 and it took me almost 2 years to finish.

      I may do it eventually.

      • But Monrosalee are relationship goals, right? I heart them so much. And Juliette is worse than Barbara on Gotham. Juliette literally has no life outside of Nick. We’ve met one friend of hers in six seasons and that friend was a wessen in trouble. We’ve never heard anything about her having a family. Her job, that she never goes to, only existed in season 2 so she could be attacked by Adelind. And how did she and Nick meet? Where was she living before then? As far as the writers are concerned, she literally popped into existence the day we met Nick. Season 5 was really good though. I’m kinda bummed season 6 is the final season and a truncated one at that.

  5. Just want you to know I’m following you. I am rewatching The Gilmore Girls and I had planned to be done in time for the revival. Alas these are some frickin’ long seasons and life is busy. I still heart the show and I heart your reviews. Like seriously, you are hilarious. I’m on season 7 now. Yay! Anyways, good luck with your endeavours. Your fan in Bangkok 😀

  6. I really liked your Gilmore Girls reviews! Maybe you’d like to review the show Psych? It’s so lighthearted and quirky but the writing is super smart and witty!

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