Introducing Glitterface

Hi! It’s been awhile. Perhaps there will be more Gilmore Girls? Who knows?

Until that all gets worked out, I wanted to let you know about my newest project. I’ve recently launched an online literary(ish) journal called Glitterface.

How it works: I pick songs, you listen to the songs and then write a story inspired by one of them. Send them to me via the email address listed on the Glitterface submissions page and then I publish 5 stories a quarter. And guess what? I pay you CASH MONEY if I run your story.


($5 via PayPal. I make it rain a single Lincoln.)

So. If you’re a writer or you know some writers who are looking to dip their toe into submitting their work to literary journals, Glitterface is a great place to start! Why? Well, it’s me. If you’ve read any of the posts I’ve made on this blog you know I’m an idiot so why be intimidated?




2 thoughts on “Introducing Glitterface

    • Absolutely! I actually end up with songs for chapters or character beats of my novels. It helps when I get stuck.

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