Dyngus Day

(I don’t have PhotoShop or I would have done a crappy “Dyngus Day” over Kwanza)

Did you know there is a holiday called Dyngus Day? Were you aware that it involves squirt guns, pussywillow branches and polka music? Did you know people under 95 play in polka bands? Neither did I.

Before I met my boyfriend, the only things I knew about Buffalo, NY was that it snows a lot and it has a long-suffering football team that usually plays games in the snow. What I did not know is that Buffalo is home to the largest Dyngus Day celebration in the country. Dyngus Day is a Polish holiday that falls on the first Monday after Easter and the best way I can think of to describe it is it’s the Polish St. Patrick’s Day. There are several theories to why Dyngus Day is celebrated (symbolizes baptism, transformation of the old pagan beliefs into Christian beliefs, just fun, etc.) but this wikipedia page does it better than I could so I’m going to focus on Buffalo & Dyngus Day.

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Most epic commercial ever

This commercial’s awesomeness speaks for itself so I will say three things:

1) If I sold something like double wide trailers, my attitude would be much like Robert Lee’s.

2) Why can’t all commercials be this honest?

3) The shop that made this ad, Rhett & Link, is made up of two undeniably awesome dudes. I want to work for them. Seriously, guys. I wrote a sketch entitled Barney Frank’s Superhero Review, I’d fit in! Call me!